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Item Conditions

AllSurplus Deals will grade units listed on our site into one of the three conditions listed below. Please read the definitions carefully and understand the nature of the items you are bidding on.

AllSurplus Deals receives inventory in a variety of conditions from several of the top retailers in the country like Amazon, Target, Home Depot, etc. These items may show signs of use, damage, and wear and tear or may be missing pieces depending on the condition. Every listing on AllSurplus Deals will contain the following descriptors. Please review carefully before bidding:


Each item will be noted as Damaged, NOT Damaged or Unable to Determine. If an item is damaged, that damage will be shown in the listing photos, so you can see location of damage, size, etc. If we can visually inspect the entire item and there is no damage, it will be listed as Not Damaged. If an item is in original sealed packaging or if we are unable to determine if a unit is damaged, we will note this here as well.


AllSurplus Deals will test items for functionality wherever possible in accordance with the condition of the unit. If a unit has been tested for functionality, we will indicate that information on the listing. If not tested, this will be indicated as well.


If an item remains in original packaging, we will note this on the listing. If the item remains in original packaging, but that packaging is damaged or missing altogether, this information will be noted as well.